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This is a handcrafted premium chef spice blend, that has been created into small batches, making it the perfect addition to all your culinary needs.

INGREDIENTS: Oregano, garlic powder, garlic flakes, paprika flakes, onion powder, onion flakes, basil, tomato powder, paprika and salt.

All ingredients are organic, with no fillers, preservatives or additives.


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33 reviews for Chefitup Spice Mix

  1. Andre

    Great taste, definitely gives food a better flavour

  2. Layla Obeid


  3. Hiam (verified owner)

    A mouthwatering explosion of herbs. You can taste the flavour through the smell. Highly recommended!

  4. Kat (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow!! This herb mix is life changing. I’ll leave it at that.

  5. Kholood (verified owner)

    Literally the best smelling tastiest most delicious seasoning ever that has been created mashallah! Everyone needs this in their life 100%

  6. Jade (verified owner)

    These spices smell divine. I mixed with panko crumps and make the most delicious chicken snitzel. Can’t wait to try out more recipes.
    Would love to see it sold in woolies or at the local butcher.

  7. Tagreed

    Wow the best diverse spice mix I’ve ever tried ! Delicious!

  8. Safa Al-Chami (verified owner)

    Absolutely versatile and goes on everything. It tastes and smells heavenly a perfect addition to both chicken and beef

  9. Noor

    Just amazing!!The best spice mix I’ve bought. I work full time so sometimes I rarely have time to cook and look for quick meals. I sprinkle this spice mix onto chicken breast fillets or fish fillets and grill them. No need to marinate. Delicious meal done in less than 15 mins.

  10. Rima (verified owner)

    A spice mix where I can actually see what’s in it! So generous and can definitely taste the quality, I’ll be out very soon can’t wait to stock up again fabulous product and have recommended it to everyone!

  11. Az (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, you have nailed it with the exact amounts of everything to make this spice mix perfect! I love it

  12. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Bought 2 for mum to surprise her, she loves cooking and every time she cooks she uses it on everything. It is the best spice mix ever !!! When I get married Inshallah one day I will definitely be adding this spice mix.

  13. Hened Saad (verified owner)

    This spice mix is so flavoursome and tasty I can’t fault it. Amazing flavour I use it for so many of my marinades and the flavour is absolutely amazing x

  14. KC (verified owner)

    Originally I was going to buy 8 pack just because of the reviews, but then I thought better half it incase the Spices were hyped up too much on the reviews. So then my 4 packs came and the moment I opened it the smell was like no spice I’ve ever smelt. So then I got a spoon to try it and instantly I thought…I should have just gotten the 8 packs!!!!

    We add it to our chips, pasta, avocado toast, honestly everything! my hubby and me have it by the spoons. Apart from the unique flavour it’s got this crunchy texture that gets us addicted to having it with a spoon haha

  15. Nadira elhassan

    This is so delicious, iv never had anything like this, yes it’s 12am and I’m ordering another 4 bags because I eat it straight from the bag. I knew it would be good but never thought it would be this good. This needs to be stocked nation wide. Congratulations on this Maryam.

  16. Mays (verified owner)

    The flavours are so perfect! They compliment each other, saves me the hassle of bringing out all my spices! It’s so versatile you can use it for absolutely everything! Well done Chef it up, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Oh and I love that it’s organic, definitely a bonus!!!! Keep doing what your doing and thank you for taking the time and effort for sharing your recipes!

  17. May (verified owner)

    What a mix! Loved it so fresh and i add it to most my meat and chicken dishes i cant wait to order more .

  18. Fatma (verified owner)

    The best spice mix I ever bought!!
    Absolutely smashed it the taste is amazing also i love how I could use it for anything and the dish tastes amazing!!!

  19. Zoobaida (verified owner)

    Ive never tried or seen anything like this mix. The flakes, the smell and the slightly sweet but tangy taste. Very creative and tasty.

  20. Rawan (verified owner)

    The smell and taste is outstanding! Insanely delicious spice mix that takes your meal to the next level! Highly recommend it

  21. Asmah El

    Love this spice mix i can just use it with everything. Meat, chicken, vegies so simple but amazing flavours. I always struggle to spice my food with the right spices. But this makes cooking so much easier for me

  22. Marwa

    As soon as you open the bag its an explosion of flavour. The smell is absolutely divine. It just goes well with everything. If you are looking to give your cooking that extra kick, this is the spice for you.

  23. Sarah Tellaoui

    This spice is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Absolutely loved it! Takes everything I cook to another level. Pls add 500g and 1kg bags

  24. Ebru karacayli

    Every kitchen needs herbs & spices that’s a fact. Since I got the chefitup spices I have been using it almost everyday. We as a family love the flavour it brings into our food. It’s so yummy and i recommend everyone to atleast give it a go and decide for themselves. Chefitup spice I can’t wait thank you enough for your creation. Thank you so much

  25. Zena el

    This organic spice mix by chef it up is an absolute game-changer. The best thing about it is it’s versatile so you can put it on anything and it will taste absolutely amazing. Highly recommended

  26. Rukaya N.

    Can’t believe I found a fresh and delicious spice to literally put on anything to make life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen. And it’s organic love it.

  27. Diala K (verified owner)

    From the second you open the packet, your senses are taken on an adventure to the land of YUM! I LOVE that the packaging is re-sealable. It’s so convenient! I honestly can’t get enough of this mix. I have tried it on chicken, lamb, fish and vegetables. It has been a game changer! I barely use my other spices as this has everything I need in it. If there is anything I will suggest to change, it would be to have it available to buy in larger packs cause this is now a staple in my pantry. Congratulations on producing the best thing since sliced bread!

  28. Badiha (verified owner)

    The best spice mix I have ever came across ! So much flavour absolutely delicious!!!

  29. Natalie (verified owner)

    Love this spice mix they taste amazing

  30. Asya (verified owner)

    I made a lasagna using the chef it up spices and it turned out so tasty

  31. Saja (verified owner)

    Oh my god i cannot believe the taste of this spice blend !! Its amazing!!! Please make bigger bags. 100 grans of this deliciousness is really not enough.

  32. Em (verified owner)

    Amazing mix! Please upload/share recipes via your IG or this website for recipes to use this mix. The amount isn’t enough in the bag, please create larger bags ♥️

  33. Daniela (verified owner)

    This spice mix is absolutely delicious!! The fact that it’s organic and has no hidden preservatives is truly what makes this a game changer … maximum flavor with no hidden toxins!!! Well done Maryam on creating such a tasty spice blend. I HIGHLY recommend!!

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